Albany Road pipe

Albany Curios

Water Pipe and Manhole Cover
Albany Road

In St Paul’s Conservation Area.


Pipe situated near the chip shop. No one seems positive what it is  it is likely to have been a water pipe – perhaps turned on from the metal bit in the pavement and there may have been a canvas pipe from the end to fill a water cart from the days when the roads would have been watered to keep the dust down.

Manhole Cover, situated outside the gate of St Paul’s Rec. Around 18inches/46cm diameter and must have been fitted some time between 1894 and the 1920s when the Urban District Council was in existence.

Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover “Brentford Urban District Council”

Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover “Brentford Local Board”


Another feature is found in the parallel street, outside 10 Grosvenor Road. 14inches/35cm diameter. Likely to have been fitted between 1874 and 1894 when Brentford Local Board was in existence.