Bradshaw Yard

Bradshaw’s Yard

Bradshaw’s Yard / Workhouse Dock

Built in 1800s as docks and remain so.

In Grand Union & Boston Manor Conservation Area and Thames Policy Area.


Early wharfs along this stretch on Moses Glover map (1645) were called Ye Pye Wharf, Ye Wolfe Wharf and Ye Whele Wharf. Workhouse Dock is marked on Boston Manor map c.1800.

Slipway of particular interest.

Bradshaw's Yard and Workhouse Dock

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Bradshaw\'s Yard and Workhouse Dock 51.482345, -0.307950 Bradshaw Yard

Lots Ait

Lots AitLots Ait,
41 High Street

Island and Dock

In Thames Policy Area


Remains of boat building and repair wharves with dry dock.
2012 restoration with moorings and new bridge.

Further Information

See John’s Boat Works who currently occupy the ait and Lot’s Ait

Lot's Ait

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Lot\'s Ait 51.484830, -0.298691 Watermans Park see full page article