57-59 High Street

58 - 59 High Street

57 – 59 High Street

57-59 High Street, TW8 0AH

Originally built as residential / shops now used as shops / offices.

Earliest mention of occupants is 1801 although construction may be earlier.

In St Paul’s Conservation Area and Thames Policy Area


Row of c18th century houses with shop fronts.

57 (left of the picture with green fronting) at one time used by Clarnico confectioners, makers of large caramels covered in pink or white icing.

See Brentford High Street Project for more info.

Further Information

57 High Street is currently Creative Hair Salon

58-59 is Hounslow Homes

57-59 High Street

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57-59 High Street 51.484578, -0.302426 57- 59 High Street see full page article

What an Easter for Brentford’s President

Brentford and Chiswick Times, 29th March, 1956

Brentford and Chiswick Times, 29th March, 1956

90th Birthday on Saturday: Diamond Wedding On Monday

A memorable and busy Easter is ahead for Mr H. W. (Bill) Dodge, the genial Brentford FC president. memorable because he celebrates his 90th birthday on Saturday, and because he and Mrs Dodge have their 60th wedding anniversary next Monday.

Busy because Mr Dodge will, as usual, be working in his garden and attending the game he loves – soccer. He’ll be at Griffin Park to see Walsall on Saturday, and both he and his wife will be journeying to Northampton next Tuesday for the return League game. Continue reading